Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its been a while....

I had a bit of a dry spell for a week or two. I just didn't like anything that I was doing, so I stopped doing. You know those times when nothing can please you??? However, tonight is the JoMorton club at my LQS, and I had to finish that project. We were working on the churn dash this month. Now, when I saw it, I liked it and was eager to start. I wanted to do blue and tan, not multi colored. I started.....then poof...all my enthusiasm vanished. Not sure just why, it wasn't a difficult block, but I didn't enjoy doing them at all. So, instead of making 13 as the pattern called for, I said the heck with it, why waste fabric on something you don't like. I made 7, used 6 and now have a placemat! The photo shows it quilted. By the way, that middle block on the bottom, that was on purpose (really it was) I read on another list that if you want an old-timey look to your quilt, put in a block or two with very low contrast, I decided to try it. Since I didn't love it anyway, I decided to try out a new quilting pattern on my PCQuilter. I haven't done crosshatch before. Actually, that worked out better than I thought for a first attempt. I still have some fine tuning to learn, it's all dependent upon where you place the needle at the start so that your boxes line up to look like continuous stitching. This one is also used in a larger grid to baste a quilt, and the placement wouldn't be nearly as important for that. I will definitely use it again. Now I just have to finish binding before class (picture is pre-binding).

Then I made and mailed out my online BOM swap block. The moda marbled black is the required background; this month the other fabric had to be something sewing related. If you look, you will see pin cushions, tape measures and such.

While I am at the LQS, I need to pick up some odds and ends, and my Thangles BOM for February.