Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reed Bingham camping trip

Last weekend we traveled to Reed Bingham State Park to join some friends. We enjoyed our time with our friends, but the trip was one of those ‘good news, bad news’ things.

Good News: CS, Dix, BD made it, Pantless and the Amazing Erma stopped by on Saturday evening to join us for dinner.  Bad News: Bama had car trouble and had to cancel.

Good News: Dinner at the Catfish House was fun and delicious.  Bad News: Loooong wait time for a table while seated outside on the porch, in the heat, with the bugs.

Good News: The park is nice. It has big camping sites and and lots to do. You can  fish, swim, play miniature golf, hike,  rent kayaks and boats or bikes .  Bad News: It was in the mid 90’s most of the time, with humidity also very high, except when it was storming.

Good News: No mosquitoes  Bad News: Every gnat on the planet was in the park this weekend.

Good News: The swimming area was lovely, water temp perfect.  Bad News: A gator decided he liked the lovely swimming area with perfect water temperature.

Good News : The storms lowered the temperature and humidity for a little bit.  Bad News: The storms knocked out the power for a few hours– and one of the big rigs lost its awning to the storm.(all of us were fine, thankfully)            


That gives you an idea of how things went. I’d love to go back to Reed Bingham, but not during June, July, or August. From now on, we head north during the summer months, not south! 

Here are some photos of our adventures:         

Some of the gang kayaking down a nearby  river   (and yes, they encountered an alligator along the way)                             

Dixie (21) Cheryle (4) Cheryle (6) Cheryle (7) Cheryle (9) Dixie (13)

Gator country

Reed Bingham (52) Cheryle (14) Cheryle (18) Cheryle (22)

The storm produced some flooding – then we had  4” of water to bail out of that kayak!

Reed Bingham (27) Reed Bingham (13) Reed Bingham (15) Reed Bingham (16)