Monday, December 01, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

Bonnie Hunter is once again doing a mystery quilt. Once again I am participating, this is at least the fourth mystery I have done of Bonnie's.  This year the quilt is  "Grand Illusion". She does an excellent job of presenting each clue and giving tips that help develop quilting skills. Bonnie breaks things down into small pieces which are easy to accomplish (skill-wise) although often time consuming because she uses LOTS of pieces.

Clue #1 was posted last Friday, and I was actually able to get everything accomplished over the weekend-lots of sewing time since MOTH knew how much I have been anticipating getting started.

280 HSTs plus the squares needed to make 100 of these units.  Wonder what they will become when they grow up, 'cause you know they are part of something larger!

[Others participating in this share their first clue progress here: ]

From previous Mystery Quilts presented by Bonnie:

         Easy Street, instructions now available in "More Adventures with Leaders and Enders".  Easy Street used about 2413 pieces (assuming my math is correct, but that is a big assumption!)

         Orca Bay, instructions now available in "String Fling".  Orca bay used about 2821 pieces before you count those orange triangles which are made of  several "strings" of different fabrics.

         Orange Crush, instructions still available online, for free (as of today)  I didn't count these pieces up, and I didn't make the full size that quilt that Bonnie designed since I didn't have enough fabric. What resulted was a great quilt for a nap, or wrapping up in while watching TV on a chilly night.