Monday, February 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday

My design wall shows a bit of progress on my Star BOM from 2008.  Since the Quiltathon, I’ve assembled  & joined the top 3 rows, the bottom corner, the 4th row.  I need to put the sashing in between the 3 and 4 rows, put them all together and then put the setting triangles at each end of the third row. 

star bom center 001a

I found that I wasn’t happy with some of my piecing.  Some problems you can’t  fix and have to live with. Some problems fall under the Galloping Horse Rule and can be tolerated. Finally, there are those that you can and do fix, because you know they will drive you bonkers if you don’t. I wound up ripping out some stitching and re-sewing so that I wouldn’t go bonkers.

On the knitting front, I’ve turned the heel and started on the ankle/leg of my socks (toe up, two socks on two needles). I’m trying to do about an inch each evening during television. With all the repeats, it makes concentrating so much easier. I’d like to do more, by my hands start to cramp up in a short amount of time. So I knit a bit, rest the hands a bit, try to knit some more. I want these babies done, so I can wear them…and so I can start on the next pair.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quiltathon Progress Report..

After spending the considerable part of two days working on the quilt, I was eager to get back here to show all my progress. *sigh* It just doesn’t look like that much. As I said yesterday, the fabrics that I had originally selected just weren’t working, so I did some thinking, hubby made a suggestion, I did some calculating and decided to use the mottled green, eliminate the light green altogether and replace it with the dark brown used elsewhere. I’m happy with the changes. The light green would have disappeared, the brown stands out and gives definition. After making the decision, I had to get to cutting all the sashing pieces, and assembling them.

What a lot of pieces!!, and then some of the pieces had to be made for left and right sides.

quiltathon progress 005

Today I actually began assembling the rows, but had hoped to have most if not all of it together by now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Quiltathon….

Is getting off to a slow start. Yesterday the deep south was hit with a snowstorm, and ironically, the further south, the more snow. We are a bit north of Atlanta, so we didn’t get a whole lot, but before I had my first cup of coffee, I had to try for some snow photos.  Then, during my coffee, the sun started to come up and glisten-the stuff winter wonderlands are made of.  I’m not a great photographer, but here is a bit of my morning.  Before the sun (or coffee):snow, star BOM, dogs 030 and then  as the sun came upsnow, star BOM, dogs 055

snow, star BOM, dogs 058 (double click on the photo to enlarge)

Meanwhile, back in the sewing room, I have finally finished the stars for JudyL’s Star BOM. 

snow, star BOM, dogs 059It is time to do the sashing and setting triangles, but as I am looking at the fabrics I selected so long ago, I don’t like the way they work with the blocks. This was the original choice for setting square:

snow, star BOM, dogs 070

The bright/light green as the field, the mottled green/coral as some of the detail.  I’ve thought of reversing it, like this:

snow, star BOM, dogs 067

The mottled as the field, the bright as the detail.  Somehow, neither is working for me……..I think I’m about to spend time digging through the stash to find a better fit.