Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its not like I have finished that last pair of socks yet

But…….I couldn’t resist this sale that KnitPicks had. 

star bom 005a

I was a little surprised when the instructions came, as my idea of ‘anklets’ and theirs is different, but that is ok-things will go faster this way! star bom 006

When I think of anklets, I think of when I was a girl (me and Wilma Flintstone) and you had knee socks or anklets, and the anklets had a neat little fold over cuff on your ankle.  I’m not sure I ever heard a name for this type of sock, maybe sport sock, as I always thought of this as what you wore with running shoes, or golf shoes.

Now I have to hurry up and finished those stripped socks so that I can start on one of these!    That “Wannadoo” list of knits and quilts just keeps growing!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Starry Design Wall Monday

I’ve made some progress on the Star BOM - of course that is nothing to get too excited about, the first two blocks were made back in 2008! I hope to get further, faster now.  Three more to do then it will be sashing time, and these sashings are more involved than most. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. As I look at the blocks, I wish my some of my fabrics had a little more contrast, as in some blocks, things tend to blend together. I like the fabrics and the colors, I think they are a good combination for quilt, just that  some of them wind up next to a very similar value (see block in 2nd row, 2nd column). Ah, well, that’s part of the learning process!

star bom 001a

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiltathon part Deux

I did very little actual sewing today, but did quilty things. You may recognize two of these blocks. These are the first two of JudyL’s star block of the month from a while back. I made the first two and put them down to do other things. I have resolved to get this top put together. Today I spent cutting fabric for all the blocks and putting the components for each block in its own bag. If you did this quilt, you may remember that there were lots of pieces that had measurements with eights and sixteenths, add that to 8 different fabrics and that made a lot of cutting. I did get it done, and even had some time before dinner to put a block together .

JudyL star bom

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lizzie’s Quilt is finished

I showed the beginnings of this one a week ago on Design Wall Monday.  I made it as a gift for a dear friend that recently lost her beloved black lab.  You have to have known the friend and the dog to realize what a special relationship this was, and how deeply it affected my friend. I have lots of dog crazy friends who treasure their dogs, but this was a particularly precious relationship.  Here is the  quilt, which I finished and delivered today.  The front:

Lizzie's quilt 001a 

The backing fabric, and if you click on the photo, you can see the quilting, which was a ball and a bone.

Lizzie's quilt 004

Yes, she really loved it, but I think she was most amazed that anyone would think to do something like this for her. She doesn’t realize how much she is loved by her friends.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Lizzies q 002

I’m making a quilt as a gift, so the photo you see has paper pinned over some blocks to preserve the element of surprise, should the giftee happen to stop here.  I have the blocks pinned onto the background fabric, trying to decide on placement.  Also trying to determine if I want to trim back on the black shadows. On the blocks that were my inspiration for these, the shadow was the same width as the colored frame. I’m wondering if that is a bit ‘clunky’ looking.  If I trim the black back   just 1/4”, then the shadow will be 1/2” narrower than the frame is.Do you think the shadows are too big? Would they look better if they were a bit narrower??

Thanks for stopping by.