Sunday, March 09, 2008

All kinds of stitches.....

This week I was able to do some stitching; different types of stitching. Monday evening was the first of several knitting classes. I have done a little knitting over the years, but always self taught from books, or more recently, the internet. I've not had training in the 'proper' way of doing things, or in more complicated stitches, so I enrolled in a class at a charming little yarn shop here in town. I hope to learn the right way of doing things (even if I eventually do things my own way, I feel I should know the correct way first).

Then, I received an envelope in the snail mail from my quild. Whenever a president finishes her term, we all make a block and a thank you quilt is made as a gift. The envelope included instructions and the white fabric that you see in the photo. Each member was instructed to supply three blues to complete the block. Here's mine, all it needs now is a siggy and it will be ready to send back to be assembled and quilted. Not much stitching when I see what the rest of ya'll are doing, but the way things have been going for me this winter, I'm thrilled to have done this much.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

My mini-participation in Quiltathon

I knew I wouldn't get to do much besides dream of Quiltathon-ing this weekend. We had too many things already on the agenda- Lunch with camping buddies, birthday celebration for 5 yr old grandson, dog training session for Cujo Jr. the vicious attack pom, painting the in-law suite so ds#3 can move in between semesters, etc. That all meant that I didn't get to participate in the local Shop Hop this weekend, which is a good thing from a stashbuster point of view. It also means that my participation in JudyL's Quiltathon is also extremely limited. In the post before last, I showed fabrics that I intend to use in a Shakespeare in the Park quilt. Commentors agreed with me that I needed more light shades of orange and maybe some darker purples, so, thanks to Vicki's frequent recommendation, I searched Kim's Fat Quarters online shop and ordered these fabrics to fill in the gaps (which is a bad thing from a stashbuster point of view, blame it on Vicki!). I have to say that I love the fabrics, and they arrived very quickly-more quickly that I could have found time this past week to drive to the nearest quilt shop! My hope is that my 'Quiltathon' will include washing the new fabric and perhaps ironing all the pretty fabrics. I know better than to hope that I will begin cutting today.

This week I also made and mailed off my first ever FAP. Hope it survives the postal services between here and Australia!

Meanwhile, my son's poor top still awaits more sewing to finish blocks and then put rows together. I hate not being able to work all the way through a project within a few days. Any interuption of the process and it is so hard for me to get back on the project, to be enthusiastic for that project again.