Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sock it to me….

I finished up a pair of anklets (KnitPicks yarn and pattern) at the end of October so that I could begin a new pair of socks and participate in JudyL’s sock knit-along this month, check it out at

I really enjoyed this pattern. It is toes up, which I prefer, but this pattern actually fit my toes the best of any I have done yet. I also liked doing the little lace patter on the top side. Not at all sure about the very different short row heel, I finally made a chart to check off row by row since I would loose track. In future, I may combine this toe with another short row heel that I prefer. This heel was odd, because they wanted it to come unusually high in the back so that it would stay up.

This was the first of seven patterns in a KnitPicks kit that I bought, a different pair for each day of the week. Wonder how long it will take to get the next 6 pairs done, given my track record?

anklet socks 008 anklet socks 001

Here is the start of the pair I am doing for the knit-along:

anklet socks 006a

I bought the self striping yarn at a lovely little shop in Asheville called Purls. I’ve done self striping before, but I liked a sample made up in a different colorway of this yarn because some of the stripes had a zig-sag  within them (see the pink row above the orange, and the green and white row at the top). I would have bought the other colorway, as I liked it better than this, but this was the only one they had left!  I hope that I can get these finished this month, but I have to pace myself, as my hands get cramped and sore holding the small needles.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

October escaped ………

October got a bit hectic around here. Aside from normal doctor visits there was an unexpected trip to the ER that resulted in an overnight stay and then follow up tests. Everything worked out fine, but it took a chunk of time.  October just slipped right through my fingers!

Then, we went camping to Bandy Creek campground in NE Tennessee for our camping group's Fall Rally. The first few days were awfully cold, but generally the weather was beautiful.  Bandy Creek is part of Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.  I think the group will be going back there next year, we liked it that well.


Bandy Creek 036 Bandy Creek 024 Bandy Creek 041 Bandy Creek 037 Bandy Creek 040 Bandy Creek 035