Friday, September 05, 2014

Another FLK heel finish

I finished that second pair of socks using the FLK
heel method. My verdict: I like it and will be using it frequently.

This time I used a new (to me) yarn.  It was near the other sock yarns and was the same weight, so I didn't look as closely as I might have.  It is a microfiber yarn and it feels very nice, but it isn't spun tightly, it is almost like the fibers are just side by side, very little twist.  This results in some splitting.
Most of the time it was fine, but it did present problems more often than regular yarns.  I will have to wear it a few times to decide if it will be ok for socks. (note to self: too late now, they are made!!)  I have more, so will not use that at all until I've worn the socks.

This pair and the last pair that I made, I tried using some pattern in the legs, but both use self stripe yarns, so the patterns are lost.  No more patterns until I find the plain sock yarns.

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