Friday, December 31, 2010

UFO Challenge

Judy L is facilitating an effort to get some UFOs finished in 2011.  Here is my list:

  1. Red Gray and Black
  2. Barn Star
  3. Lincoln’s Platform
  4. 1930’s fabrics
  5. Lady Anne
  6. JudyL’s Star BOM
  7. Little Quilts Buck a block
  8. Y2K
  9. Jar Swap
  10. Treadle on Swap
  11. Hidden Wells
  12. Hummingbird

Many of these are finished tops that need to be quilted and bound. The Y2K was started at the turn of the century…oh my, has it been that long already?? I have since decided I am not happy with what I have done so far, so I will probably rip everything apart and try again. My intentions are good, I wonder how many I will actually get finished?