Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've been doing a little of this, a little of that...

and not having a whole lot to show for it! I decided that the knitted cape/shrug that I posted earlier needed to be adjusted. The neckline was too strechy and was gradually working its way down off my shoulders. So, I undid the bindoff and added some more rows, decreasing as I went. Now it has a much firmer, and narrower neckline. No picture-it looks pretty much the same. I have been working on my shawl little by little, not a lot of progress, I kept making an error in the same location and had to repeatedly frog several rows. UGH. I am mid cuff on the first sock of a pair, using a varigated Tofutsie yarn, size 1 dpns. Mindless, but very small and taking forever. Last night I cast on and got halfway through a washrag while watching NCIS. This is really mindless, work on auto-pilot and just what I need to keep my hands busy while watching TV.

On the quilting front, I have actually started the Orange Crush Mystery Quilt. I'm one of the all time great 'laggers' on that. I'm still working on step one. I have also picked out the fabrics for JudyL's newest hour a day quilt and hope to get an hour or so of that one done today-not lagging so far back, its only day three. I really love this pattern, I'm looking forward to having this top finished.

For eye candy, I have now received all 5 of my FiberArtPostcards for my birthday swap, take a look. That paisley looking one has some amazing beadwork and trapunto-I wish it showed up better in the photo.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A little of this, a little of that...

Things have been busy around here for the last month or so, I'm hoping things will soon settle into a calmer routine.

Today is my birthday. Since I am the first to rise, I usually enjoy an hour or so of quiet with a cuppa, my devotions and the puppies. I decided to make today a little more special and use the lovely teacup and saucer that I purchased on ebay last week. I really wanted a super pretty and feminine teacup to enjoy some of my teas in a truly girlie manner(I've been visiting Gracious Hospitality too much, but I just love the mood and feeling that blog evokes). I brewed a little pot of Earl Grey Creme (do you have a Teavana store near you, mmmm) and drank it from this cup.

Then, from elegant to totally fun and fiber related: I have shown the two Fiber Art Postcards that I have sent out as part of a birthday exchange that I participate in. Here is the first of the FAPs that was sent to me for my b'day.

I'm also doing Bonnie's Orange Crush, but I'm definitely one of the lagaholics- I've yet to cut the first peace, so I suppose that I should say that I'm planning to make the OC.

I have completed the current session of beginner knitting lessons at my local yarn shop, although I will probably sign up for more classes in a month or so as I am mid stole and mid cuff on my first sock and will undoubtedly need assistance. Not much to show there, yet.