Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Design Wall Monday, Tuesday, almost Wednesday…….!

We’ve been trying to get my computer back up and running since Friday, think we are finally on the right track. Meanwhile, while rummaging through fabrics to use as backing for the bright yellow quilt, I found a little quilt that I started several years ago in a class. I quilted and bound that one, it is on the design wall so that I could photograph it. I have also put together the bow tie top that I showed last week. I have changed the layout, and right now it has borders and is ready to go on the quilting machine. If the dang computer hadn’t required constant attention, I could have had this one done already. February  hasn’t been my month for machines. First the quilting machine, then the computer.  Come on, March!

quilt wall 010

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Nancy and Glo, your wish is our command…. 

mac and quilt 002amac and quilt 003

He likes it, he really likes it! (in my best Norma Rae/Sally Field voice)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A finish!

Only two weeks ‘late’. This is January’s Monochromatic Challenge (Patchwork Times).

The things you discover when you try to pull from stash for a project like this: notice how all the yellows are so similar, no light, pastel, soft colors. All bright  yellows, with a few going towards  mustard. 

yellow peril 001a

Anyway, it is finished, and since I don’t know anyone who loves yellow dearly, this little quilt will go to my tiniest quilting assistant, my silky terrier Mac. He is forever supervising my work, always anchoring the quilt while I am trying to sew on binding. He manages to get himself wrapped up in whatever part of the quilt is on the floor. Each and every time I go to move the quilt to get to the next section, I have to pull and tug. I wonder how it has gotten so heavy, and then I realize he is rolled up somewhere inside.  How such a little dog can make a quilt so heavy, I will never know.

Still working on a name, considering both “Yellow Peril” and “Blinded by the Bright”.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday – Ties that bind

On my design wall today are some origami/3-D Bow Tie blocks that I made several years ago as part of a swap on Treadle On. For this swap, the blocks had to be made on a sewing machine that was manufactured prior to 1900 and the fabrics used had to be unbleached muslin and a reproduction of a pre-1900 fabric. All of these blocks are labeled with the maker’s name and location, but also the type of antique machine. Each was made on either a treadle or a hand crank machine.

These have been stowed away for years after I just couldn’t decide how best to set them. You will note that in this arrangement, there is one block missing.  Apparently I was so intent on getting my blocks made for the swap, I forgot to make one for myself, so I shall have to make one more block before I can put this top together.  This is February’s UFO challenge top, and this is as far as I have gotten……what are my chances to get this finished before Feb. 28?  I still have to find fabric for the borders!

bowtie settings 004