Saturday, May 31, 2014

An ending and a beginning

In March, our little Silky Terrier Mac crossed the rainbow bridge. He was really a little dog that was all personality, and the house was unspeakably empty and quiet without him. We had decided that he would be our last dog, but the empty stillness was unbearable.

 Enter Eli.

Playing with the Grandsons

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catching up, part Deux

In the fall, we joined some of our camping friends for an outing in Tennessee.  It was very good to reconnect. It was only possible because the group selected a campground in a park that also has a motel. Since we no longer have our motorhome, we booked a room for a couple of days, as did a few others so that we could still enjoy ‘camping’ with our friends.

The outing was at Fall Creek Falls, TN. It had cottages, the motel and 3 campgrounds. I believe it also had a golf course.
      Our own patio
 We always eat well with this group

 This is the way we camp these days:

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catching up

Is anyone still out there?? It is obvious that I haven’t posted in quite a while. If you are still out there and reading, I will attempt to catch up and then be more regular in posting.
This past year was  quite …interesting. I haven’t done any quilting and little knitting. I just haven’t had the inclination to do anything when I had any free time.
About this time last year, MOTH (Man of the House) wound up in the ER with a problem that could have gone very, very bad. It required surgery and a number of weeks of post-surgical care (by me, at home, thank goodness not in hospital) and a very restricted diet.

Just about the time that MOTH was given the go-ahead to resume normal living, our youngest grandson turned one. He and grandfather warmed up for the birthday party by.....taking a nap! Such party animals.
That led us into the fall, whereupon our youngest son had some alarming symptoms which required tests before he was issued a clean bill of health. That was just behind him when he was car-jacked at gunpoint.  The thief also took his phone, wallet and keys, so that left his home at risk while we scurried to change locks and ask the police to patrol the neighborhood for a few days. His car became a celebrity of sorts when it was noticed by the police and led them on a chase through the city before coming to an abrupt stop and making the nightly news. Good news, car was recovered after about a week, bad news, it needed repairs. A few months later, same son was laid off from work. He found and started a new job just before his unemployment ran out.

During all this time, I have had a few health issues of my own to work on. I am grateful that following the directives worked for me and one issue has greatly improved. The second will require some surgery next week, and I am hopeful that I will be given an all clear shortly.

The year wasn’t all bad, we had some very good family times. It was heartwarming to see the way our sons rushed in to help when MOTH was hospitalized.  We also had a lot of time with the grandchildren.

more to follow......