Monday, September 24, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Third installment of quilt show

Here we are, the next batch of photos from the quilt show. This colorful pineapple quilt was done with lots of strips, as you can see in the close up.

Then there is the amazing portrait. I apologize to the quilter/artist as the work was incredible, but my photo is a little blurry. All 'painted' with fabric.

The following two are a modern and a traditional take on squares, I don't know how the modern one was constructed, but looks like it could have been a nine patch too. The last two were interesting for the overall affect. One for the 'blend' the other for precision.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Second installment of quilt show pictures

Here are some more pictures from the quilt show. As I mentioned last time, there were a lot of brights this year. Here is one, and a close up. This is one of the quilts that had used strips or 'strings' to form fabric and then cut that fabric into pieces.

Dh was really impressed with the amount of skill and work that went into this applique, and look at all the quilting!!

In the last photo, those flowers, butterflies and such were cut from a print, sort of (forgive the spelling) broiderie purse. Such pretty colors.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Went to a quilt show today...

and did my share of ooohing and aaaahing. Took pictures to share here and to remind myself of setting ideas, block combinations, fabric combinations or whatever. I invited DH to go with me, it was his first quilt show and he was impressed. He pointed out things he liked. He was really impressed with the photo quilts, he didn't realize that it was possible to get photos onto fabric. I think he's going to request one.........he's already requested a mariners compass. This is the show that is given every other year by the East Cobb Quilt Guild in Marietta, GA. (hello Mary-you should have been here for the string quilts!) It is given in the Cobb Civic Center. The lower floor is all quilts, the upperfloor (an overgrown balcony overlooking the lower floor) was all vendors. My favorite quilt shop was there with two of the owners, but no Karen (Sewprimitive) who also works there. I'll share a few pictures at a time, since I don't have anything quilty of my own to show right now. Just remember my disclaimer: These are not my quilts, they were done by other, more talented quilters! Also, any appearance of quilts hung crooked is the fault of the photographer, they were all properly displayed!

The last quilt, the one that looks a little like the Northern Lights absolutely sparkled, it was quilted with metallic threads and may have been beaded in places. This year there were a number of sparkle embellished quilts, there were a lot of brights, a lot of batiks, too. Very few 30s or pastels. It was easy to see what the 'fashion' is in fabrics, too. Lots of dark and bold, many using string piecing in different variations. In the top quilt, the flowers are three dimensional.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm blue?? Not a surprise

Eileen (Designing Quilts) posted this color quiz. I was hoping for something more interesting and zippy than blue. Blue is beautiful, but 'ordinary'. Ah well, how would one explain that the color of one's soul was...puce or chartreuse??

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color blue, which embodies the characteristics of peace, patience, understanding, health, tranquility, protection, spiritual awareness, unity, harmony, calmness, coolness, confidence, dependability, loyalty, idealism, tackiness, and wisdom. Blue is the color of the element Water, and is symbolic of the ocean, sleep, twilight, and the sky.

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