Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boone, NC

We recently joined some of our camping friends in Boone, NC for a long weekend. We always enjoy their company, the food is good and everyone gets to relax- or not- as they choose. Since Boone is in the mountains, the temperatures were comfortable and there was always a breeze. Our campsite backed up to a brook/stream that babbled and gurgled and generally made its presence known throughout the day and night. It was wonderful to be able to open the windows, listen to the water and drift off to sleep. Some of the group went kayaking on a river. We also went to dinner at a charming local restaurant and visited a mine ‘store’ where you could dig through some buckets from the mine and see if you found any gems. Another morning we visited an old general store and post office, it has been a long time since I have seen penny candy and some of the other things that were on sale there!   

Some views of the office and the campground. (click on photo to enlarge)



Did I mention that we just happened to be in Boone the same weekend as the Highland Games? We not only enjoyed some of the sights, but in the evening we heard some of the sounds-music that sounded like fife and perhaps dulcimer.


Here are Doc, Pantless and Nightrider using Pie Irons to make our dessert-blueberry pie!

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A picture of my darlin’ MOTH, and then his ‘girlfriend’, that 94 year young woman keeps trying to steal my man!!