Thursday, September 11, 2008

Orange Crush

Hooray! My OC is quilted and awaiting binding. The binding is ready to apply, I'll do that tonight and then the hand sewing will be 'TV watching work' until its done. Also, will need to stitch on a label. So, while it isn't 'done-done' it is much closer to being done than anything else. I couldn't wait to share a picture, so here it is, sans binding. I think that it looks different in the photo than it does to the eye. If you scroll on back to see the earlier posts with OC photos, you may be able to see what I mean. I think the dark borders have a definite influence on the appearance of the blocks, and I like the quilt so much better with the borders on than I did before. Those borders are not solid black, but a black with olive drab fluer de lis, this will be the last of that fabric, and it has been one of my favorites.

There is also a picture of the back, which is pieced with assorted fabrics from my stash, The whole thing is leftovers from previous quilts and small stash pieces. The back may not be beautiful, but it didn't cost anything additional. Since this entire project was a stashbuster, can I consider this quilt a 'freebie'?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Would you believe?

Because the rawhide bone was a bone of contention between Mac and Nic (German Sherpherd), MOTH decided to put it out of site to be forgotten. I guess the thing has a really unique and appealing aroma, because Mac found it inside a plastic bag, on a table out of his reach (yesterday's post). This time it was put higher, and behind other things. See what MacSmarty is doing? He's got it in his radar and has been relentless. I bet if we leave the room and he is unattended that he may find a way. The amazing climbing Silky! Should have named him Sir Edmund Hillary.

Failing that, he is not above resorting flattery and oh-so-adorable cuddles.

I actually have gotten into the sewing room-really. I put the thin and then pieced borders on my OC. I like it better with these on it, it balances out the lighter colors. I will probably add another unpieced dark border. I have yet to start JudyLs Star BOM 3, but that is on the list for the weekend, too. I want to get the OC onto the frame and would really love to get it quilted so I can take it to my guild meeting on Wednesday, but that would really be pushing it. Pictures when I get progress worth showing.

Friday, September 05, 2008

A new face at our house

We recently adopted a 5 yr old, 13 lb Silky terrier from the family that could no longer keep him. They called him Max, but we have renamed him Mac, as every third dog we know, including within our family, is named Max. We thought this was not too big a change for him and that he would just think we have a funny accent. LOL He seems to be adjusting well to us, our German Shepherd, our revolving-door sons and grandchildren. He is affectionate, eager to please, energetic and just a little too smart for his own good. ;) I was in the 'powder room' minding my own very important business and I heard the rustling of plastic bags. The rustling went on and on and on. So, being unable to investigate, due to pressing circumstances, I yelled out "is that you, dear?" Of course, the Man Of The House [hereinafter referred to as MOTH-because this is a G-rated blog], without rising from his seat or even looking around, replied that no, it wasn't him. HE was unable to investigate due to the pressing nature of the televison program he was watching. ARRRRGH! When I was finally able to come out, all appeared normal. Until MOTH asked "were did Mac get a rawhide bone?"

Well, that rawhide bone was in a plastic bag that the former owner had given us, and that was on the kitchen table. Little Mac Trouble discovered that one chair wasn't completely pushed in, jumped on it and from there to the table. All the rustling was him finding the opening of the bag and withdrawing the bone. You should see the size of this bone, it is the size I would give to the 90 lb German Shepherd! The end knots are almost as big as his head. Mac Clever got the bone, jumped down to the chair and then to the floor and proceeded to carry it with him all about the house, settling in different spots and happily gnawing away all evening.

Now, any of you that have lived with children, can you tell me when does the Woman of the House ever get to tend to business uninterrupted? The last time that I can remember was pre-motherhood, over 35 years ago. I thought when they were grown and gone...sigh... but now I have part-time live in grandchildren and fur kids, all of whom conspire against me. MOTH even put a phone in the powder room so he wouldn't have to answer it when I was in there. PLEASE- don't anyone tell him there are phones that can be installed in the shower!!