Monday, May 21, 2007

What happened to my Comments on yesterday's post???

I don't know what happened, but Norma has pointed out that she wasn't able to comment on my last post- there is no place to do so. Anyone have an idea as to what happened and how I can fix it?? Thanks, Norma!


McIrish Annie said...

How fabuluous to have your Son home safe and sound!!

Tracey said...

A lot of people have been having the same problem. I found this on the Blogger Status page last night:

We also took this opportunity to fix the bug that we think was the root of the mysteriously-disabled comments problem that some of you were experiencing.

Update, Sunday: We’ve been able to reproduce a second comment settings bug. Until this is fixed, if you notice the comments link disappearing from your posts, toggle open the “Post Options” at the bottom of the post editor and re-enable comments.

Update, later on Sunday: We’ve fixed the bug that was disabling comments on posts saved as drafts.

Connie said...

Tonight I'm still having trouble posting comments on some, but not all, blogs...looks like it's still not fixed.

Shelina said...

Gail, looks like you got the comment thing fixed. How wonderful that your Marine got to come home early, and that you were able to celebrate a great Mother's Day.

Nicole and Phil said...

yes...happened to me too.

click on "edit" post,
under the box where you type comments, click on
"post options"
then click on "allow"

publish post!