Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's taken more time than it should have,

but I finally got back into the sewing room to finish the Mariner's Compass that I started in class a few weeks ago. It wasn't the sewing that took so long, it was getting back to sew!

I can see room for improvement, but for a 'learning project', I guess I'm pleased. Hubby wants his Christmas gift quilt to be a large Mariner's Compass, sort of a medallion quilt. Hopefully, the one or two places I goofed on this one will be better on that one...if I ever get to it. Next up, finish the most recent hour a day quilt and get started on my son's Irish Chain.

By the way, the enxt time I get the bright idea to make quilts for the whole family, you have my permission to pound me flat and use me for batting! Sheesh, why do I do this to myself??


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I think it is a great block! Maybe you can even use this block somewhere on your bigger, planned quilt? If it doesn't "fit" on the front, maybe on the back? I am not anywhere near where I can take a class, but I have been trying out some new stuff on my own. How fun for you to get the "hands on" lesson!



QuiltMom said...

Hi Gail,
I have a brother in law that loves boats and the sea. I recently used a mariner's compass block on point and put a floating border around it. The rest of the quilt was a patience block from one of the Australian Country Threads magazine but you could use a rail tie block and it would work too I think. I collected a bunch of lighthouse and nautical fabrics to use in the strips for the patience block. The quilt is a queen size bed quilt and he really loved it.
I made the same decision as yourself, to make all my family and my husband's family each a quilt- it took me awhile to do it but I enjoyed giving them all away. My husband and I don't have that large of a family$, so it hasn't been too large of a task. We each have 3 siblings . My crazy idea continues:)
I have now started making quilts for each of the nieces and nephews as they get married. There are 12 of them all togwther so that is a larger task that sometimes makes me nutty. 2 bed quilts in the summer is about the most I can get done but we can only hope that they don't all get married at once!!! The things that we do to ourselves:)
Regards from A Western Canadian Quilter,

Susan said...

Love makes fools of us all! But I like your compass. =)

Helen in the UK said...

Your compass block look GREAT in the picture :)

Laurie said...

I LOVE the choice of your reds/blues. Great work! It's gorgeous!!!

glo said...

Wow, I love, love it !!!

Hanne said...

Lovely Mariner's Compass block Gail :-)