Sunday, May 04, 2008

A little of this, a little of that...

Things have been busy around here for the last month or so, I'm hoping things will soon settle into a calmer routine.

Today is my birthday. Since I am the first to rise, I usually enjoy an hour or so of quiet with a cuppa, my devotions and the puppies. I decided to make today a little more special and use the lovely teacup and saucer that I purchased on ebay last week. I really wanted a super pretty and feminine teacup to enjoy some of my teas in a truly girlie manner(I've been visiting Gracious Hospitality too much, but I just love the mood and feeling that blog evokes). I brewed a little pot of Earl Grey Creme (do you have a Teavana store near you, mmmm) and drank it from this cup.

Then, from elegant to totally fun and fiber related: I have shown the two Fiber Art Postcards that I have sent out as part of a birthday exchange that I participate in. Here is the first of the FAPs that was sent to me for my b'day.

I'm also doing Bonnie's Orange Crush, but I'm definitely one of the lagaholics- I've yet to cut the first peace, so I suppose that I should say that I'm planning to make the OC.

I have completed the current session of beginner knitting lessons at my local yarn shop, although I will probably sign up for more classes in a month or so as I am mid stole and mid cuff on my first sock and will undoubtedly need assistance. Not much to show there, yet.


dot said...

Well Well Well, Hapyy Birthday to you. I will have a birthday later this month. May is a great month for birthdays.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Sorry, I've been a little slow with getting my reading done today.


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birtday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Gail,
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Hope you had a lovely day!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday. Isn't it strange how different it feels drinking tea from a china cup and saucer. I also have a glass in a silver holder that I enjoy using. Have a great day.

La Tea Dah said...

A very, very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! May your year ahead be blessed and productive! I love your new teacup and saucer. It is very feminine and pretty --- and Earl Grey Creme sounds like a perfect choice! And thank you for mentioning my blog! I'm so happy to meet you and hope you visit again! I'll be back to yours as well --- it looks like you have many great hobbies and talents!


McIrish Annie said...

Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday!! and here's to many more. Love that little teacup! that's a great way to start the day.

Hope your special day is super quilty!!

Suze said...

Happy belated birthday. I like Lapsang Souchong so perhaps I should bring my own.

The OC has been fun so far and since she is only doing the clues every two weeks there is plenty of time.

Socks are fun to knit. I always have a pair going.

Anonymous said...

Pretty tea cup.

Sweet P said...

Belated Happy Birthday. Your tea cup is exquisite.

Candace said...

Happy birthday a little late. Mine was the 2nd. Your teacup is very pretty, and sometimes things do taste better when we pamper ourselves a little.

Candace said...

I am a lagger, too. I am hoping with the extra week to catch up, but can you believe, I am still on step 3 of the CC. Better late than never though.