Friday, October 24, 2008

Retreat part deux

Thought I forgot to include what we actually sewed, didn't you?? Here are just a few of the projects being worked on, some folks pieced blocks, some assembled blocks into tops, some added borders to tops, and some basted tops for quilting. We all brought more quilting projects than we could possibly work on and precious few clothes! Here are Murrell's lavendar and green blocks, Carols lively pastel blocks, Jane's top, Pegs pieces on her design wall,and Ann's spectacular dahlia, which she intends to hand quilt. I didn't get pictures of everyone's projects, and one picture that I haven't included is Ellen's new design. I didn't include that because she may publish it. I also haven't taken pictures of the two tops I worked on. I finished making the blocks (about 140 of them) and put them into rows and it is now ready for borders. I had brought the border fabric with me, but when I laid it out, the fabrics just didn't seem like the right choice, so I moved on to the next project. That next project was Judy's Winter Break that I started way back when. I'm down to the last of the borders on that one- pictures when I get that far.


Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for the visit, Gail.

YOUR retreat must have been a lot like MY retreat. Hah, we day 'retreat' as if it was restful - NOT! but wonderful. You have some lovely projects in your group. Hey, I spent 34 years north of you in Knoxville!

The Calico Quilter said...

All the blocks are lovely, and that dahlia really is spectacular, but those lavender and green blocks grabbed my attention. Hmm, purple, haven't used it've inspired me!

I've done that with border fabric too. Once you get the center completed, the border just doesn't work as well as you'd thought. Frustrating.

Sounds like you were a sewing whirlwind!

ForestJane said...

I like that top one... the block is a great choice for the floral fabric. ;)