Friday, April 17, 2009

And here we have the socks,

Finally finished. These are the ones that I made so much progress on while we were the rain. A while back I ordered a kit that included yarn, two Addi turbo circular needles and two videos on how to knit socks on circular needles. One video was how to knit one at a time and using a gusset heel. The second was two at a time with a dropped row heal. I did the two at a time. I'm thrilled to have finished a pair of socks and to be actually able to wear them. I do have a few issues that I need to get straightened out before I make another pair. There were one or two places in the instructions that were not clear to me. If you are a knitter and looked at the socks, you could probably guess which part of the instructions I mean.{no, I will not show pictures of those parts) I will talk to some more experienced knitters and get this straightened away. Can't wait to start another pair with yarn that I have picked out.

By the way, the twins are fraternal, very fraternal....yes, I know (in theory) about starting at the same place in the yarn. But I didn't know the yarn was self striping. The yarn was center pull, I started each at the beginning and they both started with a blue and white effect, so I thought it was all good. Turns out that one was the reverse order of the other. Well, darn! Anyway, they are done and I am mostly happy with them, and I will wear them.


Suze said...

Knitting your own socks is so rewarding. You did well on your first pair. I still make an error from time to time but no one can tell since my feet are in my shoes.

I am looking forward to seeing your next sock yarn choice.

Carol said...

I love your socks! I have no clue how to knit and I'm always amazed when I see what you all can do with yarn.

ForestJane said...

Very, Very cool!

And the colors on those socks look like they'll go with a lot. :)