Saturday, June 27, 2009

Been keeping busy….

but haven’t been posting.  Our last camping trip (back the end of March) to Skidaway Island was revealing for us. While we have loved using our cute little Aliner camper, it became evident that Man-Of-The-House was having more and more difficulty moving about comfortably/safely in the confined space.  We began considering what other options would allow us to continue traveling and camping.  I’ll spare you the soul searching, research and suspense. We came to a decision, located what we felt will suit our needs.  Here it is:

the Lady Anne

We had to go to Texas to pick her up and then drive back to Georgia.  I’ve never been that far west before, so I enjoyed the trip, and it gave me a chance to get used to driving something this big. The hardest part for me was……all the darn bridges!!! I hate bridges, I have always hated bridges, I have had nightmares since childhood about bridges.  Yes, they are necessary and can be quite beautiful.  They are just fine if I can just look at them, but crossing them???? Not so much.

Now, the low, flat bridges I don’t mind too much.

low bridge A

This one was getting a little bit higher, my knuckles were getting whiter.

medium bridge A

The really big ones with all the heavy metal superstructures- we didn’t get a picture of those. The photographer was too busy praying that I wouldn’t completely freak out and drive us over the side.

We made it home in 3 days and met some lovely people along the way.

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