Sunday, July 19, 2009

We have just returned from

A long weekend camping with our friend “Pantless”. (Don’t ask-hilarious story,but not mine to tell) This time none of the other gals were available to camp. MOTH and I  wanted to get away and  also, to do a little setting up and customizing of The Lady Anne. Pantless had promised her grandkids that she would take them camping, so we booked adjacent sites at one of the local Corps of Engineer parks, on a large lake.

The woman is amazing! Each day she would hop in her car, drive to her daughter’s and exchange  children. A different grandchild each night. On Friday, she also made an extra stop to pick up her mother.  Amazing must be genetic, because her mom is 93 and usually camps with our group if the weather is warm. This time it she gave it a pass so the great-grandchildren could have a special time, but she does love my MOTH! She came along and we went out to dinner at the Lodge of a  state park on the same lake. They have a seafood buffet on Friday nights and we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

Pantless was our official fire maker. I probably wouldn’t have bothered with a fire given our summer temperatures, but when you have grandchildren in attendance, you must have a fire and marshmallows! I am pleased to report that Pantless made some excellent fires. The one the first night was particularly creative. It started out all ablaze,

Payne 001

then morphed into a volcano!

Payne 007

We had pretty good weather. It did rain a bit Friday afternoon, but that was a good opportunity to do some reading. Other than that, we had a very private site. We could only see the neighbors across the road. Pantless was to our left, but we couldn’t see her for the trees, and no one was behind or on the right of us.

Payne 025 Payne 026 


 Payne 032 Payne 028

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anne bebbington said...

You have such amazing campsites in the US - over here in the UK space is at such a premium you almost get interbreeding of the guy ropes the plots are so close together - and boy does sound travel! :o)