Sunday, August 16, 2009

These are finally finished!

I finished these up between working on a couple of other projects. I am in the process of doing a small lace shawl as part of a Knit A Long on Ravelry, one more repeat on that and I will begin working on the edging. It has been a fun knit in spite of the number of times I have had to tink a row or frog several rows. Thank goodness for lifelines!! For me, especially since I am such a beginner, lace requires lots of concentration and no distractions, so I only get the early ours before everyone else gets up to work on it. These socks, however, when not doing the toes or the heels, were just straight knitting, so I could work on them while watching TV in the evenings. I must say, I like the cast on, the short-row heel and the bind off used. This was Lifestyle Toe Up Sock—more guidelines that can be adapted to any pattern of stitches- than a sock recipe. If you Google it, the article has links for the cast on, short row instructional video and to the Elizabeth Zimmerman bind-off as well. I’m hoping to cast on another pair today, using some different numbers based on what I learned making this pair.

knitting for blog and rav 004

These were made with Blue Moon’s Socks that Rock, Storeytime colorway. It made “sort of” stripes, but was not a self striping yarn.

This is the yarn that I hope to get cast on today. My goal is to keep a pair of socks on the needles for TV watching at all times, with other projects on different sized needles to work on in between. I find that changing needle sizes(projects) keeps my hands from getting too tired and sore.

knitting for blog and rav 006

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