Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting sidetracked…..

Haven’t had anything to show as I have been sidetracked, or perhaps hi-jacked.  My granddaughter has a social studies project, you know the one- the child has to pick a country, then make a report, prepare a dish and wear a costume of the national dress of that country.  Anyway, she has been researching diligently for her report on Honduras , but she asked me for help in making a costume.  Fair enough, here it is:

Miss K costume


Susan said...

Aren't granddaughters the best thing to have. Her costume is lovely.

Lizzie said...

Great costume, Gail. When II hear of the involved projects the kids have, today, it makes me think how much brighter they are than I am--I could hardly get a book home!

I'm looking forward to your camping adventure blog.