Friday, June 13, 2014

While I haven't been posting, I have made a few things. 

One was a knitted hat that I had hoped to give to one of my sons.  I found the pattern and checked on the projects page at Ravelry to see what others had done.  I was glad that I did, as it was almost unanimous that the instructions as written made the hat too shallow.  I read how several others adjusted to fix this problem and did likewise.  For me, it is still too shallow/short. If I try again, I will make it much deeper.  Had I followed the directions to the letter, I would have had a cabled yarmulke, which is not what I was going for.

Another project was a Reading and Knit Along on one of the Rav groups, the book being a Miss Marple mystery and the project was named Miss Marple Scarf. I liked that it threaded through itself so that it would fit warmly around the neck and STAY there. Where it narrows and appears to be ribbed it is actually two layers, so one pointed end can thread through. Unfortunately, scarf met new puppy, fun for puppy, not so good for the scarf.  Guess I'll just have to make another. 


Jack Nimble said...

Okay, smarty pants. You sent me running to the dictionary to see what the heck a yarmulke is.

Gail said...

Well, that's ok, I had to use the dictionary to get the correct spelling.

straythreads said...

wow that scarf pattern keeps popping up I knit one when I was a little girl a very long time ago mine was blue and I think my mother did most of the ribbing but it was a great project to learn increases and decreases.