Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gone and back

Well, we took Jim back to Jacksonville for his deployment, and now we are back home. Saying goodbye is hard, I try not to get all emotional and weapy but don't do well. While we were there, I made a point of visiting a quilt shop that I discovered the last time we were there. The sales lady says they have 7000 bolts. Lots of eye candy there! Last time I was able to peruse and find lots of things I would like, and bought some of it. This time Paul was with me and sat at the 'husband's table' while I looked around. Well, darn! how is a girl supposed to shop that way??! There was a sample made up that made me laugh- so I bought just that one thing. Its from Moda, called Stash Management, its entirely too true and too funny. I put it together last night ( its basically a panel and two borders), the first chance that I had to get sew since we have been back. The color isn't entirely true in the photos, the dark area around the cartoons is a bright purple, not blue.

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