Sunday, February 04, 2007

Catching up on obligations and preparations

This weekend I have spent time doing my latest buck-a-block and doing my February block for the PClassic BOM swap. The swap is ready to go out tomorrow and the buck-a-block is done for another month.

Thanks to a recommendation from Quilt Pixie, Saturday I began a class at Quilt University on pressing, so that project will need to be worked on this month,too. The practice pressing on different size pieces of fabrics came at an ideal time- I used the fabrics for JudyL's hr. a day quilt and was able to begin cutting in preparation for that, too. I'm looking forward to doing that one, Judy always does such a great job on planning and instructing.

Judy's Feb. challenge struck a cord, but I have to adjust it a bit to make it work for me a little better. However, going through the blogring has also given me a few lightbulb moments. Nancy posted about her 'On Flamingo Pond' quilt, which would be an ideal for a set of fabrics that I bought years ago and that have been sitting waiting for the right pattern. Also, Cynthia posted her disappearing 9 patch, which would be perfect for a fabric I fell in love with and bought 'just because'- and if I can work that out, it would be at least one top that would satisfy Judy's challenge to 'just cut into it and use it'.

Of course, that would make three tops, and since I hope to make quilts for family this year's Christmas, I still have to cut out and work on those, too. I hope I can find the time to do it all.

Wish me luck - I'm off!


ForestJane said...

Heh, if you EVER need anything to practice pressing on, just come on over here... I'll provide the iron, ironing board, AND the wrinkled and unpressed blocks.

When can I expect you? I just know it'll be invaluable for you to get experience on my fabric. :D

quiltpixie said...

Sounds like you've got lots to keep busy with! :-)

Suze said...

Looks like you are moving right along.

Shelina said...

Gail, you are right, inspiration is abound in all the blogs. You can combine the gifts with the kinds of quilts you are making - so you can gift a disappearing nne patch.
I just pressed my Evening Star quilt and brought it downstairs, and it looks awfully wrinkled. I need some serious pressing lessons too.
So good that you got the buck a block completed. I have been picking my blocks since April, and haven't made a single one!

Susan said...

Love the colors in your buck-a-block. That is such a fun program. I did it a couple of years ago and just loved my blocks.

You are getting quite a few projects going - should bust some stash for you!

cher said...

those blog inspirations could be gifts for family-I always say combine projects and come out ahead!