Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Slow going

Over the last few weeks I have been making slow progress on one of my Christmas gift quilts. Slow for a couple of reasons....lack of inspiration and, generally, life.

About 2 weeks ago we woke up to a phone call from a neighbor apologizing for callling so early, but the silver car in our drive way had just rolled down the drive, across the street, jumped the curb and rolled into another neighbor's yard. That would be my son's pride and joy that did fierce combat with our mailbox and several pinetrees. NOT the way to start your day! We have been dealing with getting that all corrected.

Then there was a trip to the ER with dh (ok now) . Arrived home from that and managed to grab a few hours sleep before taking mother for some diagnostic tests. She has some dementia and can't understand that she had some tests, she woke up thinking she had had some sort of attack or accident and that she is sick. She also can't understand that she isn't 'contagious' because she isn't sick. FRUSTRATING.

Added to that, my boss has assigned me to another (read that additional) job, which is ok, it looks quite interesting and the people involved are nice. However, in order to do that job, I have to do some training and get more clearances. Fine, I like learning new things and gaining new skills. I apply for clearances following the prescribed procedure and get rejection notices because I didn't use the proper procedure. They refer me to the correct procedure, which just happens to be the procedure I followed. DUH Will someone please introduce the right hand to the left hand!?

Sometimes I just want to lock myself inside the sewing room and not come out. Oh- wait- I'm in "lack of inspiration" mode. Maybe I can lock the door and just slash and wack away at stuff till I blow off some steam. LOL Of course, I could straighten up the sewing room, stuff is pulled out from chosing fabrics to use in the above mentioned Christmas quilts. And things that were organized on and under a table are all over because my son (also mentioned above)needed a table to use. Hmmm, no, that would be too much like cleaning, definitely not one of my favorite things. Even more definitely not inspirational! I would try some retail therapy, by the LQS is closed for the 4th. Instead I will try some chocolate therapy. There must be chocolate somewhere in the house, I'll be back after I scrounge up some chocolate!


Carol said...

Oh my bless your has certainly interrupted...take care! Sending you good thoughts.

ForestJane said...

But how did his mustang get away?
And 50 pounds, that's impressive. :)