Sunday, June 08, 2008


As stated in previous posts, I have taken some knitting classes recently and have a few things on the needles--just like with quilting, I have several going at once! Bad habits die hard, but knitters have a really good rationalization-keepping projects using different size needles and yarns going simultaneously is a GOOD thing because switching between them gives your hands a 'break' ! Gotta Love it!!

One of the things that I have started doing is a weekly dishcloth (from a yahoo group). This gives me something small, 'quickly' finished, economical (cotton yarn) and useful while I practice and learn new stitches and techniques. The pictures show the first couple of cloths that I have done-a third is on the needles and about half finished.


Kathie said...

what is the yahoo group that is doing knitted dishclothes?
I would love to see others and are people sharing the patterns they design?

Candace said...

I have bookmarked patterns for the knitted dishcloths and intend to make some. How are they for actually washing dishes? Yours look real nice, and make me want to get started.

Julie said...

My mom makes these and I am the lucky recipient of some of them. They are great for washing dishes. Yours are great.