Sunday, June 08, 2008

Okay, so, I couldn't wait

Even though it defeats the mystery part of a mystery quilt- since I have lagged so far behind, I know what the finished quilt will look like and couldn't wait to see how my fabric choices will work out. So, while waiting for the grandchildren to arrive, I skipped over step 3 long enough to cut out a few pieces of step 4 and 5 to see how they will work up.
For step 4, I was wondering whether to put the darker color as the star, or the lighter color- see pictures of how the finished square will look for each option. I'd really like the star feature to show up and not just blend in.
Then I started wondering about the alternating 'orange' block. I had thought of using up a bunch of my browns for the centers, then started second guessing that choice because I already have a lot of darks in the quilt and that might be too much the same and too autumnal. My second choice was a group of almost neon greens. I had been debating these to liven things up and thought I would have to wait to see the block to make the final choice.
So, here's what they will look like - what do you think?


Nancy said...

I vote for dark stars and neon green! Can't wait to see your finished top - no matter which way you decide to go!

Anonymous said...

I vote for a less vibrant green.

Nancy said...

I'd go for the dark stars and the green in the middle of the orange blocks. You might try putting several of them together in the final layout, then you'll see that the lighter stars will get lost in the whole thing since the orange is so bold. Hope you finish your blocks soon. I still have about 6 more of my stars to make, then the corners of step 5, but I've laid out what I have done just to see how it will look. It is quite orange!