Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally decided on the fabrics I will use

for JudyL's BOM which starts tomorrow. I've included a second photo to more accurately show the color of the darkest fabric.

I have also made progress on my Orange Crush. All but one row is sewn together and on the design wall. The little yellow sticky is to mark a 4 patch that I sewed in incorrectly and have to go back to correct. Of course I didn't discover the mistake until the row was sewn together! I guess I need to be grateful that the whole top wasn't finished or even quilted before I noticed the mistake. I'm not too crazy about this one (it was done as a mystery, if you haven't heard of it before) and of course, that is the risk you take with a mystery. Someone pointed out that I may like it better when its all together than I do as individual pieces, and seeing it on the design wall, they were right. I do like it better than I did, but in general, its way to busy for me. If I were try this design with what I know now, I would do it much less scrappy, perhaps controlled scrappy, so that the star shows up more.


Candace said...

Beautiful fabrics, and I like your OC, I felt the same about mine, but it 'has' grown on me, and I hope it will grow on me even more, as I plan to use it on my bed. Usually after a quilt comes back from the LA, she has made it look lots nicer.

Jeanne said...

Gail, I think I like your OC the best of all the ones I've seen. Thanks for sharing.