Sunday, August 03, 2008

Miss Thang makes progress...I don't

This is the weekend the grands stay with us, so Miss Thang was eager to get to my machine and stitch some more blocks. This weekend we did the pink and orange blocks. Here is a picture of her with the latest blocks, and also a photo of all the 10 completed blocks arranged pretty much as they will be in the quilt. You can see that the rainbow is being created already. I had put the blocks on the wall so she could see for herself just how things are coming along. Sharp eyed little miss noticed a mistake in the book and was oh-so-quick to point it out to me. LOL. By the way, the book is "Strip Happy - Quilting on a Roll" by Donna Kinsey. There are other neat quilts in the book, and I may well make some. She seems to be enjoying this project, even suggested that next time we sew on both Saturday and Sunday and then we can get 10 blocks finished in a weekend instead of just 5!

Meanwhile, I am waiting until the kids leave (or maybe even tomorrow) to get started on my Star BOM. After seeing what some of the others have made, I'm particularly anxious to start and see how my fabrics work out. I also want to start assembling the OC top now that the blocks and rows are put together. I will then need to do the borders to get it to the 'flimsy' stage and into the pile to be quilted. I have a couple that I really need to get into that pile.


KCQuilter said...

How lucky you are to have a granddaughter who loves to sew!!! And such a gorgeous quilt she is making. Fun, fun, fun!

Tamara said...

How fun to sew with your grandaughter. My girls will occasionally want me to teach them to sew but I get so tired of having to thread the needle. I try to have patience with them but I treasure my sewing time, It's my get away time.

I love your OC. I found lots of turned blocks when I was quilting mine. Almost like I didn't know there was a right way to them.

Your colors will look great in BOM.


Hannies Annies said...

I love the blocks Miss Thang did and love the colors! What a nice project for grammy and grandaughter to do!! she is cute by the way! My grandkids have been here all weekend too so I will start on Judy's BOM tomorrow when I am rested!

Sweet P said...

Miss Thang looks so proud with her blocks. The colors are terrific!

Candace said...

She looks very proud, and why not, she is doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Kelsea you and your quilt are wonderful, keep up the great work.
Aunt Glo