Monday, December 14, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Not too much to show, all my good intentions after last week went down the tubes. Between car troubles and physical therapy and then some really good news and excitement, I didn’t get much done.

On my wall this week is one of the quilt tops I mentioned last week that needs borders. It is folded in half on the wall so that I could get a measurement for the first set of borders. I did get all the border strips cut and sewn together, now I just need to apply them. What are the odds that I’ll get it done by next week?

Oh....and that really good news and excitement? My second son and his wonderful girlfriend are now engaged! We couldn't be more delighted.


sewprimitive karen said...

Congratulations, Gail!

Shasta said...

Congratulations! I am glad your knee is doing better, and you are back to sewing again. Take it easy.