Monday, December 28, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Nothing was accomplished in the sewing room last week between the holiday preparations and having the grandchildren for the week. Today, however, I got down to business.  The quilt I showed last time now has the borders on it!  I am making it for one of my sons, and since he was half of my quilt hanger for the photo, he asked if  he’ll have his quilt  soon. Hmmmmm, then he laughed and said, ‘guess not’. I didn’t raise a fool.  [NOTE: clicking on photo will enlarge it for better viewing, if you are interested]

Jim's quilt with borders

After getting that photo taken, I promptly dug out another top that has been languishing for want of borders and knocked that one off too. It is currently in residence on the design wall so I can enjoy its happy colors while I decide what to tackle next.  The dark borders are a purple/eggplant and black print, similar in eggplantiness to the dark squares (which I didn’t have enough of for the borders!)  Do you recognize it? It is one of JudyL’s from a while ago, I can’t seem to resist her designs!

Hummer w bordersI do have a number of tops that need to be quilted, so I may get one of them on the frame next. Of course, there are still a few WIPs that need to be finished, and they are calling to me, too. I’m trying to be strong and resist the siren’s call of a couple of new quilts that I want to start. I’m sure they’ll be very pretty, and the fabric is just sitting there, waiting to be cut into….I really should get a few completely finished….shouldn’t I…?


Tamera said...

Your quilts are very nice. It's hard sometimes to get them ALL finished, isn't it?

T said...

Beautiful quilts Gail. I'm extremely impressed.

Dawn-Marie said...

Wow I really like these quilts. No wonder your son wants it done.LOL Great colors as well.