Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lady Anne’s first outing of 2010

We have just returned from our first camping trip of the year. We went to McKinney Campground with a friend and had a very relaxing extended weekend. It was raining off and on the day we arrived, but we were able to set up  between rain showers. The first day was dismal, as you can see in the photos. (double click on photos to enlarge)

McKinney 004 McKinney 027McKinney 031

Saturday was glorious  but extremely windy. We did sit out for several hours while sipping hot chocolate, and we took walks. We also were bundled up against the penetrating wind coming off of the lake.

McKinney 019 McKinney 037 McKinney 043

Friday we put up the awning, that night I awoke to sounds that sounded like someone was thumping on our cargo doors. I thought we were being burgled! Turns out it was the wind grabbing the awning, lifting and dropping parts of it.  I was able to secure it (probably it hadn’t been properly tightened when we put it up) without any problems or damage. We put the awning down when with the assistance of our friend when it became obvious that the wind was only getting stronger; we needed all three of us to handle it under those circumstances. Last night , even though the awning was down, the winds off the lake rocked the RV so strongly that it woke me up again, I once or twice I was afraid we would tip over…..yeah, it was dark and I’m a chicken!


sewprimitive karen said...

Sounds very outdoors-y and fun!

NN said...

Your pictures are great. It really is nice to have places close by--still feel like you're getting away from it all on mini-vacations.

Remind me to show you the awning flappers I have. There are some that don't work at all, but these are great, and they are easy to put on.

I think I'm going to sign up for the fall meet--cancel if I'm not home in time. I have to get the dates and section info, first--I've been so busy planning other things, I just haven't looked. It will probably take me a month to get to Memphis!!!

Keep your blog up. I love reading it and looking at the pix.