Monday, March 15, 2010

Is it time for design wall Monday again??

Well, the same  thing is on my design wall as the last time I posted – no changes, no progress. 

Why?? Well, the last time the grandchildren were here, #1DS came up stairs and asked “Mom, can you fix this?”

spinning and aunt del's quilt 027spinning and aunt del's quilt 030

You see, on weekends when he is the custodial parent, the kids use some old quilts to sleep with.  This one is older than I am, which makes it about the age of Wilma Flintstone’s grandmother.  It was made by my grandmother’s sister and given to my mom sometime before I was born. It has served at least 4 generations admirably, bringing warmth and comfort and sweet dreams. I think it is time to retire the old dear, the fabric is just disintegrating with age and wear. It’s nice to know my kids think I can work miracles, fix anything, but it is time to reveal the ugly truth to them. They’re grownups, they can handle it – there are some things even mom can’t fix!

So, what this all means is that I went up to the pile of finished tops, picked one out, stuck in on the machine and got it quilted. Today I hope to get the binding on so that it is ready when they come again on Friday  for the weekend.  I also picked out another top to do quickly, as the other old quilt being used is also on its last legs. That one we picked up at a yard sale.

Neither of these tops is a favorite, quite the opposite. One was an experiment in technique and the other was a lovely JudyL design that I executed poorly.

Leaf Season Flimsy stage 007

What happened was that while I was making the HSTs, I was merrily trimming them to exact size and was interrupted and didn’t get back to the project for a few days. When I was able to resume, I completely forgot about the trimming……you can guess what happened. I couldn’t figure out why I was having such trouble getting things to fit, all of a sudden. I fought all the way through the borders before the light dawned. By then, I figured the heck with it, I’ll use it for picnics or something. So now they will keep the grands warm and snuggly, and it won’t matter if the children make tents out of it, or play tug of war, or spill something.

That is why no progress on the design wall. Well, that and the fact that I have been taking lessons and practicing my latest great obsession………….come back soon to see what that is…………

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