Monday, May 16, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Actually, this came off the design wall today, as the top is now finished. If I get to sew tomorrow, I will be piecing the back. I looked for one of those wide backs, and found one that would work, but then I saw something on sale, and….well, it made me smile, so I bought that instead. I do hate wrangling those big hunks of fabric, but I grin every time I think of this silly, happy fabric, so I’m glad I made this choice. You’ll have to wait to see the backing till after everything is quilted. 

I showed the blocks for this one about two weeks ago, trying to decide how to set it. they were from an online swap, so all 12 1/2 “ were not equal. I decided to just sash it with background fabric to disguise any size differences.

jar quilt for blog

See the two spots that look a little empty, bottom center?  Someone made her blocks in reverse of everyone else.  I’m good with that, it adds a little character and quirkiness instead of being like a bunch of soldiers all in a row.   Click on photo to enlarge.

Hop over to JudyL’s blog to see what other quilters have on their design walls today.


Nancy said...

I think it's beautiful! I sure with I had 1/100th of your talent.

Kate said...

Love the novelety in the jars! Working with swap blocks can be a challenge, but you resolved it well. Can't wait to see what the back looks like.

Gari said...

Love your quilt and you now have me interested in what the back looks like. I have never had a swap where all the blocks came out the same size but I have made some great quilts out of what I got. You did, too.