Monday, September 12, 2011

Design wall Monday

The only thing on my wall are some fabrics that I am auditioning for future quilts.

First up, I have been wanting to do something ‘cheddar’, and Bonnie Hunter came up with a cheddar bowtie project. Here are the candidates for that one:

better cheddars n reds

I think that second down is too yellow to be cheddar. I’m thinking the bowties may all be in different shades of red. What do you think, Reds n Cheddars or would a variety of colors (like the one Bonnie shows) be better?

Secondly,  my newlywed son came home fretting a while back. They had painted a couple of rooms, and he was ‘dismayed’ that their bedroom was now ‘little girl purple’!  Oh, the humanity!! The affront to his machismo!  In an effort to gain some sympathy -  instead of guffaws  - from me, he topped the whole thing with “and now the quilt you made me doesn’t go, we need a new quilt!!”. Weeelllll. Let me see….the adjoining  master bathroom was done in a green……so how about good old mom find a rather graphic (and therefore masculine) pattern and do it in a darker value of the purple (also more masculine) and green. Fons & Porter had one in their magazine a few months ago. (oh-according to his bride, he picked out the color,had a choice between two ….and this one was on sale! LOL)

So, here are the first round of contestants for that quilt.

manly purples and greens

Of these, I think I will discard the second down in each purple row as too ‘pink’.  I need to dig out some more purples from my purple heavy stash and see which I am willing to cut into and use.

I’m trying to work my way out of the summer doldrums here. I have a quilt on the frame and did two rows of that today, as well. I’m not sure I’m ever going to be happy with this one. I like the pattern and the fabrics, but I can’t come up with something I really like for the thread. The quilting design looks great on paper, but I’m not sure about it on the quilt.  This is the same quilt that I had FINISHED quilting a few months ago and decided it just wasn’t right….so… I ripped every last machine quilted stitch out…..any idea how much ripping that entailed? Not going to happen again, this time will have to be it.  I have actually accomplished something this summer, see my previous post about my August finishes.  Then click on over to JudyL’s site to see what a lot of other quilters have on their design walls.


Rabid Quilter from CA said...

You're funny! "Oh the humanity!" Aren't our grown kids a wonder? Purple and green is my favorite color combination for quilts and I love your choices.

Happy quilting!

Editfolt said...

I love the group picture and fabric. Although it would be mine. : D