Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday, filled with the many blessings for which we give thanks.

I was up at o-dark-thirty this morning to start dinner. This year we are trying something new. A month or so back, we bought a small electric smoker, so far we have enjoyed everything that we have made in it. Today, we will be smoking the turkeys-yes, two. I usually get a 22-25 lb turkey, but the smoker is too small for a bird that size, so we have two smaller ones instead. That will take less time to cook and allows a little more experimentation.

I am also brining the turkeys, first time doing that as well. One was brined in a buttermilk brine and then an herbed/roasted garlic butter was put under the skin. That is the larger of the two, so it had to go in earlier so they can both be ready about the same time. It was still so dark out that  had to get out the flashlight in order to use the controls and load up the smoker.

The second turkey received a cranberry juice brine. It’s PINK!!!  Too funny, hope the other birds don’t tease it!

Thanksgiving turkey 2011 003a

Here it is, loaded and looking pretty. That is quite a contrast-wonder how different it will look when they are finished cooking?

Thanksgiving turkey 2011 004a

Counting my blessings……


Jack B. Nimble said...

I LOVE the pink! Still giggling about it. Gail, it's a freudian thing. With all the testosterone in your family (1 husband, 3 sons, and even a male dog), you needed something with estrogen to even things out a bit! LOL

Well, I take that back, you're getting with the program with a granddaughter to even out the grand son, and the recent arrivals of two lovely daughters-in-law.

Glad you and Paul had such a nice Thanksgiving.

Judy D in WA said...

Smoked turkey is on my to do list. Please tell me about the buttermilk brine...just buttermilk? And for how long? I love my smoker and turkey legs have been on the list to try but I think a whole turkey would be better.

And I love the pink!