Monday, December 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday/Orca Bay part 4 progress

Translation supplied for a dear friend who doesn’t speak Quilt, yet faithfully follows my blog and tries to encourage me onward.

Progress! It’s a good thing.  I finished the part 3 HSTs   

Nan- that means half square triangle, looks like this

orca bay part 4 001

I have made about two thirds of  the part 4 triangles from strips-my color for these is orange. Perhaps the rest will be finished today.

orca bay part 4 005

See the fuzzies on my design wall?  You should see me! I’ve been wearing a sweat suit to be warm and comfy as I stitch away. A purple sweat suit, because one must coordinate with ones project, right?  Anyway, with all the trimming and little clips of threads and what not, I currently resemble……well, the Pillsbury Doughboy gone fuzzy. If my sons could see me now, I can hear some of the jokes—what do you get when you cross the Michelin Man with a Wookie? Night of the Living Thread……that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering what Bonnie is up to with these shapes. So many possibilities, and very hard to guess because we don’t know all the shapes and pieces she will eventually use. Here is one possible combination of pieces, of course, Bonnie will have all the bears toes going in the proper direction. (Nan-a square block with some of those HSTs on two sides is called a BearPaw, which is what I was trying to make with the purple and teal but was directionally challenged)

orca bay part 4 003

Please check out the progress that others are making on their Orca Bay Mystery Quilts and some of the wonderful work other quilters have on their design walls.


Diane said...

I love your colors! I hadn't thought of the bear paw, but that is a possibility. Time will tell. Happy sewing!

Jack B. Nimble said...

As always, I admire your creativity. Thank you for the translation, dear friend. I LOVE the colors in the half square triangles. In fact, I love all the colors you're using.

I have no problem visualizing you in the purple sweat suit covered in thread; and I can hear your boys, too!

Enjoy reading your blog, as always.

Cathy Tomm said...

The orange is going to be great. Love your different colours.

marcella said...

We quilters totally understand the thread and fuzz thing. I finally learned to keep a lint roller in my sewing room so I could de-thread myself before leaving and embarrassing the family :-) It works really well on my design wall too. Great job with the mystery quilt. Your colors look great.

Laurie said...

Gail, your colours are looking great together! This mystery is so fun!

Sue Daurio said...

Oh look at that!!! Your colors look great together!! That is going to be one show stopping quilt you're making!!

Leeanne said...

Wow I have found another doing orange!! There are a few of us!

domyR974 said...

I like the way you put all together- it gives an idea of ​​how the colors will blend in together... and I see orange that you choose as me !