Monday, May 21, 2012

Design Wall for May 21

The brick path top is finished. This one could have been finished in so little time if I hadn’t been distracted, and quite honestly, been interested in it. The fabrics in this are so different from the sample I remember (it was a kit) that I wonder if I didn’t pick up the wrong package. The sample was bright, spring like, fresh with a Kaffe Fassett flair. These are bright, at least some of them.  I hope to use it to  eventually practice my free motion quilting. Lots of other things to do first.

dave dinner and design wall 007

Meanwhile, next project on the cutting board for the impatiently anticipated new grandchild:

dave dinner and design wall 009

The mom-to-be saw a baby cocoon and hat that is Hungry Caterpillar and requested that. Her mom is making the cocoon, I’m doing the quilt.  Two crafty grandmothers in cahoots! 

Every Monday JudyL hosts Design Wall Monday  on her blog, pop over and see all the inspiration and talent of these quilters!


Jack B. Nimble said...

How many pokers can one craftsperson have in the fire at once? (I don't know, ask my friend, Gail.)

ANudge said...

That is one of my favorite reading books for little ones. Are you going to gift him with the book also?