Monday, May 14, 2012

Design Wall Monday for May 14

I know it has been a while since I posted, but there wasn’t a whole lot different on the design wall to show. I have put together a few of the vertical rows, still placing the bricks for the others. Very simple, is fast when I get to work on it but have been doing lots of other things.

For some reason the photo has a yellow cast to it.

I did make some quilty progress, I finished the purple and green quilt for my son and his wife. He was so excited to get it, he made off with it before I could get a picture. I have been waiting for him to take some pictures on the bed and send them to me. I just received the pictures.


JimDani4JimDani 5JimDani 3


What the pictures don’t show, is that this quilt has a thin inner border of black, a 3 inch piano key border of the batiks and then a final border of black. Really makes the whole visual. The pattern is from Fons & Porter’s magazine. They offer a kit which happens to be purple and green, but I bought my own batiks as I wanted particular tones of purples and greens. If you are interested in seeing what the whole thing looks like, they call it Batik Magic.

The nicest thing, even more than my son’s enthusiasm, was the email he sent me after he got it home and showed it to his wife-she hadn’t seen it yet, and I was concerned that she might not like it.

She LOVES the quilt, her eyes grew 3 sizes when I showed it to her and we put it on the bed and slept under it last night. Well she slept under the other one also (a quilt I had made for him when he was single), lol I don’t know how she does that. However, we have decided to go ahead and move everything into the larger bedroom (as we have been working on it this am. The quilt looks 10x better against the green walls. The purple seemed to drain the life out of the quilt, the fresh green seems to make it pop!!! once we get the rooms switched and cleaned (sometime in the next few hours I’m hoping I will take a pic to show it on the bed in the green room”

I’m so glad she likes it, and to sleep under two of my quilts in the Georgia temperatures puts a smile in my heart!


ANudge said...

Your quilt is so beautiful. Love your color choices.

carol fun said...

Gorgeous quilt and it is icing on the cake that your son and daughter-in-law appreciate it! Obviously they've been raised right!

Vicki said...

awww that is a very sweet letter. Great job on the quilt. I love the color combo in batiks. Looks wonderful. I don't know how she sleeps under all that in the heat either....

Jack B. Nimble said...

:) I've said it before and I'll say it, again, you and Paul raised three wonderful sons. I'm sure that quilt be be passed on to their children some day. It's lovely.