Monday, January 04, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Lizzies q 002

I’m making a quilt as a gift, so the photo you see has paper pinned over some blocks to preserve the element of surprise, should the giftee happen to stop here.  I have the blocks pinned onto the background fabric, trying to decide on placement.  Also trying to determine if I want to trim back on the black shadows. On the blocks that were my inspiration for these, the shadow was the same width as the colored frame. I’m wondering if that is a bit ‘clunky’ looking.  If I trim the black back   just 1/4”, then the shadow will be 1/2” narrower than the frame is.Do you think the shadows are too big? Would they look better if they were a bit narrower??

Thanks for stopping by.


knitnoid said...

I like them the way they are.

Diane said...

They look fine to me. They really look like they are floating in the picture.

Krista said...

They give a great 3-D effect, like the blocks are floating. I'd leave them alone.


Kare said...

Don't touch them - it looks great!

Dawn-Marie said...

I would keep them the way they are. Can't wait to see this one finished.