Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quilters are some of the best people…..

I just have to say thanks and give credit to a quilter and fellow blogger.

I have part of a fat quarter of fabric leftover from a Jo Morton class  I took several years ago at Little Quilts. I want more of this old fabric. In the class was another student, we became friendly and have since left greetings and comments on each others blogs. Karen has since become a part time employee of the store as well as a designer of patterns, so I sent her a photo of the fabric, and asked if she remembered it.

mystery fabric to id 001

I was hoping if she knew which manufacturer and fabric line it was, I might be able to track down some more.  She didn’t remember it, but knows of a gal named Becky that has an encyclopedic memory of fabrics. Becky remembered the fabric line, and one of them ( not sure if it was B or K) even found an online place that still has some of this in stock.  I have ordered and JEEPERS CREEPERS,  I am one happy, totally blown away quilter!

Thanks so much to both Becky and Karen.


McIrish Annie said...

I love that about quilters! I've had that happen and taken a piece of needed fabric to my guild meeting. Sure enough someone had some sleeping in their stash!

Lucky day for you!

sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, Gail, you are very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Glo says Great detective work Gail