Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy day, snowy memories

If you’ve been following the news, you will know that the south has been hit by a snow and ice storm that has brought things to a halt. Down here we just aren’t used to dealing with this much snow at one time. We can go a year or two and never have as much as we had over night. Within the first hour, 3-4 inches had fallen on my back deck. The night air was so thick with snow that looking at the street light down the road was like looking through a sheer white curtain.  If it had kept up like that all night we would have had many more inches, but things changed to freezing rain and ice. Less ground accumulation, but it sure didn’t help with the roads!  I’m just thankful that we don’t need to get out for a few days. We will be one less car getting in the way of the folks that have to travel tomorrow. I’ve been able to get some sewing done (previous post) until my son started to dig us out. Seeing him come in all rosy cheeked like when he was little made me think of some old photos.


 happy and d in snow0001snow cry0001



2011 snow and yellow peril 0062011 snow and yellow peril 009a

Thirty-five or so years later he’s still playing in the snow with the dog, still wearing a knitted hat under his hood, but a lot happier. Maybe its because this puppy isn’t big enough to knock him down and steal his mittens!

Thanks for helping the old folks out, love.


Lizzie said... cute is he then and now.

T said...

This is so GREAT.

Anonymous said...

Glo asks Dave to head this way to help me shovel XOX