Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday

The design wall still has blocks for the Y2K, and then some additional yardage as I was auditioning colors  to use for sashing yesterday. You can see why using a print background to get a feel for a gray (or whatever) sash didn’t work, and why I resorted to Photoshop.

y2k sashing options 008

Please take a look at yesterday’s post and give me your opinion on the best sashing color to use.

and then check out JudyL’s page to see what many talented quilters have on their design walls.


marcella said...

Really nice blocks! I like the grey idea. Actually I like all the mid-tones. I agree that the black and even the red is a bit harsh. Beyond that I think it's more a matter of deciding what color quilt you want - whatever color the sashing is the quilt will "read" as.

Bonnie said...

Gail -- I love the red but then I am definitely a red person. (Or at least I love the color red.) The one shown looks like a lovely brick red and the blocks look good with it. But I also like the navy blue which to me is more of a cadet/royal blue on my computer. The grey is ok but doesn't float my boat, so to speak. The cheddar is fun too but I think I prefer a dark fabric for the sashing. Good luck finding the color you finally decide upon. And good for you for finishing your YK2. (note to self, glad I didn't start one of these!)

Gari said...

I went back and looked at your color choices and I really like the dark red. This is really funny because I am NOT a red person. But the red really brings out the colors in your squares.

ANudge said...

I liked quite a few, but the cheddar was the standout for me.