Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday–Y2K center is together!

I spent a fair amount of time at the lqs choosing fabric for the sashing and for the side borders, then cutting and getting all the sashings sewn on. Marcella made a comment last Monday that whatever color I used for the sash, that is the color that the quilt would read.  I looked at my little sample quilts with all the different color sashes and concluded that she was right. While both Moth and I liked the cheddar, and I have been wanting to work with cheddar, I really don’t want a king size hunk of cheddar on my bed. The room would be so bright we would never get any sleep!  You can see what I decided to use.

The center of the quilt is now completed. It is too big for the design wall, it is on the queen sized bed in the guest room, but you still can’t see all of it.This week I will work on the side borders. I’m going to have to quilt this in sections and then assemble them. I want it to hang far enough over the sides that when we are under it, it still keeps us covered and any draft out.

y2k center 001y2k center 003

Go over to JudyL’s blog and see what others are doing.


Cathy said...

It is wonderful!! Aren't you glad you dug it out and got it to this stage? Just think how warm and cosy it will keep you.

Jack B. Nimble said...

Just got off the phone with you and look what I found! Either off or on the blog would you explain "...whatever color I used for the sash, that is the color that the quilt would read...".

As far as you the cheddar color, living next to a yellow and orange house, I must say you are probably right about keeping you awake...there's always sunshine in my driveway. :-)

Hope to see you soon. I have missed you and Paul.

McIrish Annie said...

cool tip about the sashings! that is one big quilt!!

Miri said...

Interesting tip about the sashing...I'd heard that about the binding. this quilt from all pre-2000 fabrics?

scraphappy said...

You are so right that the sashing strips set the color for the quilt. It is definitely a blue quilt despite all the other colors. I agree that a huge cheddar quilt might be less than restful. This one looks like it will be perfect. Best of luck on the quilting. It looks ginormous.

LuAnn said...

What a great quilt, and I do like the blue sashing. I scrolled down and looked at your other possibilities, and I agree the cheddar was too loud. The blue seems more restful and calming for a bedroom. Very pretty!