Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Bandit

Finally finished Springtime Bandit and blocked it. I may have to re block, I don’t have proper blocking equipment so improvised and I don’t think that I got things quite right, but for now, it is finished!  I used yarn that I had on hand, and I’m still not thrilled with this yarn in this pattern. I think the color variances hide the lace design, but it was a good learning experience on lace nevertheless.  Of course, there were also the inevitable ‘design choices’ that were made and not discovered until WAY to many rows to rip back and do over—at least in my book. I was able to discover most mistakes within a reasonable distance to rip and fix, but not one. Live and learn

cropped bandit

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Suze said...

I think it looks great. I have three to be blocked. Not really sure what I am doing so I do nothing.

If you are the cause of rain I know they are glad you are out of Georgia.