Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today is our anniversary!

To celebrate 39 wonderful years together, we had a late breakfast and drove to Burfordville, Mo to visit Bollinger Mill State Historic Site. The skies were a gorgeous blue with lovely white clouds, the sunshine was almost blinding. We traversed highways and country roads, it really wasn’t very far, but it felt removed, the atmosphere was different. Bollinger Mill is a 19th century water powered mill, four stories high, made of stone and brick. They still grind corn there. Bollinger Mill 006

Side view of the mill, what seems to be sticking out on the right is actually a covered bridge that is next to the mill.

 Bollinger Mill 010 Bollinger Mill 011

Couldn’t fit the whole building in one shot, so here you have the top floors, then the ground floor entry and porch.

 Bollinger Mill 013 

A better shot of the bridge mentioned earlier, it is Missouri’s oldest covered bridge.

And what did we find in the back corner? Can you spell splinters?? I surely didn’t need that sign to discourage me from using this facility!Bollinger Mill 023

 Bollinger Mill 018

The quilter in me was thrilled to find these feed/seed/flour sacks, although I was disappointed that they didn’t have designs on them. A few steps across the room and I discovered this, an entire showcase dedicated to feed sacks and their use!

Bollinger Mill 019

As we drove back to our room, I noticed that the sky in the rear view mirror was much darker than the one above and in front of us. As I sat here writing this post, the room became steadily darker; much too dark for this time of day. It is currently pouring down rain, which I hope passes as quickly as it arrived. I’d like to go out for a nice dinner with my special guy. Love you, Dar!


Lindah said...

Congratulations on your 39th! It sounds like you had a lovely day together in celebration.

Anonymous said...

Happy 39th Gail & Craig !!!
We are looking forward to hearing all about the good and the bad during your trip . . hope you are both over your colds.
Glo & John

Justin Case said...

Congratulations Gail and Paul. You chose the best way to spend your special day. Alone and experiencing the joy of traveling together.

Glad to see you're on the road, again. Hope you're headed to Tom Sawyer, but it looks like you're finding interesting places along the way. That's the great thing about having the Lady. You can decide to go back to places you loved or see new places on the spur of the moment. As long as you're enjoying each other--that's what matters.

Talk to you next week.

sewprimitive karen said...

Gail, you're traveling in Missouri? Wish I could have seen that mill, it is gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!