Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not off to a good start

The day started inauspiciously, dark, dreary, rainy. Actually, I’d be more honest to say that it started poorly. We still needed to pack the clothes and the food into the RV, and that isn’t fun in pouring down rain. We did get everything done and left – also in the rain. The first three hours were driven in heavy rain , very low clouds and mist. Not fun.

One of the things that we are finding that we enjoy very much with the RV is being able to pull over at a rest stop and not to have to get drenched to run into a public restroom. We were able to use our own facilities, make and eat lunch, and then stretch out for fifteen minutes before resuming our journey. NEATO!!

About an hour and a half from our destination the sun peeked out, and by the time we arrived at the campground, it was quite beautiful. When we pulled in, the sun was shining through some flowers. I later went back to get a picture after we set up, but by then the sun was fading. The color in the photos isn’t as gold or as intense. As a magnificent consolation, take a look at these clouds!

We sat outside briefly enjoying a gentle breeze before the wind picked up, the clouds darkened and we have more rain.

I swear, my former boss was right when after a camping trip, he exclaimed “don’t you ever camp when it doesn’t rain!?” I’d come into work after a weekend of nasty weather and he’d say “Bet you were camping , weren’t you?”

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JustinCase said...

It could be worse. Your tent could have broken down.;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the weather has not been your "best friend" this trip.